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Вместимост 500 мл
Цена 8.50 лв

Now you can safely give your dog a fresh, clean, sanitary drink in your car, at the park, or anywhere else when you and your dogs are out on the go. Handi-Drink cleverly combines a custom dog water bottle and unique wrap-around water pan into a single, lightweight unit so compact it will fit in your pocket. Eliminates hauling jugs of water. Perfect for the park, walks, hikes, camping, vacations, beach, dog shows. Anywhere! Ideal for all vehicles: car, truck, R.V., boat.

"Editors Choice Award"
Dog Fancy Magazine

Features of the Handi-Drink Portable Pet Bottle:
Unique, all-in-one, instant use! No spills, no hassles!
No water tray filling time - dogs instantly lap up the freshly running stream!
100% free of any "backwash" into the water bottle!
Used by leading Law Enforcement K-9 and Search and Rescue Teams!
To give your dog a drink, just snap the bottle into the water pan. Hold the bottle with one hand. Squeeze the bottle and water streams into the pan. Dogs lap up the running stream. You never have to fill the pan. Stop squeezing and the automatic valve shuts off the water stream. No spills, no leaks, no wasted water, no hassles, no backwash.

Stores conveniently in glove box, bag, or even a purse. You can carry it in your pocket, or with our 60" shoulder strap or with our custom easy-on, easy-off non slip belt clip. All are included with your Handi-Drink.

Veterinarians and breeders agree that dogs should not drink water from public fountains, or from lakes, rivers, and streams which can be contaminated with harmful bacteria. Handi-Drink makes fresh, clean water 100% portable, easy, safe and sanitary for your dog anytime, anywhere.

Автоматична хранилка за суха и консервирана храна

Автоматична хранилка суха храна

Разпределители храна, вода