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Изключително предложение от HAGEN -

Food Maze - равийте вродената гениалност на котката!

Стимулира интелигентността на котката, визуалната памет, както и умението да решава логически проблеми.

Намалява скоростта на хранене и натрупване на наднормено тегло.

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Позволете на котката да прояви вродената си гениалност!

Лабиринтът за храна е интелигентен начин да нахраните котката, използвайки склонността на хищника за играе с храната си преди да я изяде.

Котката трябва да придвижва гранулите през лабиринт, като ги побутва с лапа през страничните отвори, докато накрая паднат в таблата за храна, чак тогава може да ги изяде.

Лабиринтът Food Maze стимулира желанието на котката да докосва и играе с храната, като в същото време насърчава интелигентността, и осигурява физическа активност!

Лесен начин да накарате котката да поработи за храната си, като в същото време контролирате количеството храна, което изяжда. Food Maze е ценно средство за намаляване на наднорменото тегло, скоростта на хранене и преяждането.

Catit Design Sense Food Maze предлага различни нива на трудност, постепенно развиващи уменията на котката. Въртящият се диск вътре в лабиринта ви позволява да намалявате или увеличавате отворите - така променяте нивото на трудност за котката.

Лабиринтът за храна се поставя върху кръгла подложка за акупресура на лапите - подложката масажира лапите на котката и пречи на лабиринта да се мести или обръща.

Hagen’s CatIt Design Senses Food Maze Brings Out the Genius in Felines

The CatIt Food Maze forces cats to eat more slowly and encourages them to use their problem-solving skills
A cat’s brain may be smaller than a human’s – making up just 0.9 percent of their body mass, versus two percent for a human brain – but they retain information learned through exploration of their environment much longer than dogs and have visual memory ability comparable to a monkey. The Catit Design Senses Food Maze from the Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp. complements this feline intelligence by not only entertaining, but challenging and encouraging the use of problem-solving skills.

Designed for scholarly felines, the Food Maze is a tower with openings all around that force the cat to figure out how to move treats or dry food down through the tower by pawing at it through the openings until it drops down into the food tray at the bottom. The Food Maze’s varying levels of difficulty challenge a cat’s abilities and encourage mental and physical activity. Cats need to use their senses of sight, touch, hearing and smell to work the food or treats into the food tray, and when it finally reaches the bottom, they can use their fifth sense – taste – to savor their reward.
The Food Maze is not only a challenging and entertaining puzzle for cats, it’s also a helpful feeding tool for overweight felines or those who tend to eat their food too quickly. Because the cat has to work the food down through the tower, it slows down the rate at which she eats, resulting in longer meal times and reducing the amount of food that is eaten.

At the 2011 Global Pet Expo, Dr. Marty Becker of the Pet Connection blog chose the CatIt Design Senses Food Maze as his Best in Show product. “It just stood out on so many levels, from design to price,” he wrote on the blog. “Cats will love having to hunt a little harder for their food.”

The Food Maze is part of the new CatIt Design Senses line of products that were developed with a cat in mind and designed to appeal to all of a cat’s senses. The other modules include the Speed Circuit, which has accelerating ramps and a lighted, motion-activated ball that adds a fast-paced, exciting roller coaster element to feline playtime; and the Grass Garden, which brings the nutritious benefits of the outdoors to indoor cats in a safe and easy way while promoting the cats’ digestive health. Like the original CatIt Design Senses enrichment play center, the three new modules work independently of each other, but come together to create a complete sensory experience for cats.

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